Thursday, October 04, 2012

Gina Tricot's New Online Store

Gina Tricot recently opened an online store!!! However, this trendy store, which is based out of Sweden only ships throughout Europe. While this is unfortunate for those of us that live in North America, we will just have to wait for them to expand their shipping horizons. But, lucky for me I have a brother in law that lives in France and has agreed to let me ship some clothes there!! Yay!!

So when I saw the Ellen Coat, I was absolutely thrilled as it is an amazing cut and the price is definitely right! I love the oversized look of the coat, I just hope that I ordered the right size! I will keep you updated!

If you love the look of this cut and you live in North America, Zara has a navy blue wool coat that has a very similar cut!

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