Monday, June 25, 2012

white on white decorations: lilacs

We are back at our sweet little summer cottage and we were lucky enough to arrive home just in time for the lilac bloom. The white lilacs, which are from our back garden, have made the perfect decoration these last few weeks. So if you are looking to create that white on white effect, nothing is easier than cutting some fresh flowers from your garden and putting them in a vase or even a glass canning jar which I used.


Friday, June 01, 2012

Summer Trends: Accessorizing

As I have mentioned numerous times before, my brother is getting married this summer. You may remember that I fell in love with this dress but I finally came to the realization that I couldn't afford it. But not worry, I found another really pretty but basic navy blue silk dress at Club Monaco. And although  navy blue is not really a summer color and it is definitely not the color of the season, I think that a few trendy accessories will give the dress an updated modern look. I actually think that this rule would apply to any classic black or navy blue dress - hence the little black dress that lasts for years and can still turn heads!

The key is to choose accessories that were inspired by one of the major trends of the season. This summer, I have been inspired by desert, Navajo, bohemian chic trend which has an amazing color pallet that often combines blues and corals. And when I saw these amazing Sigerson Morison tangerine shoes at The Block in Vancouver I just knew that they would be the perfect contrast to the navy blue as they will add that little bit of umph that is missing from the dress.


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