Friday, November 13, 2009

Leopards and Concrete

Leopard print has made a come back in a big way and I am in love. Leopard print was revived by Valentino who has been incorporating it into the collection since 2007. Finally, this year, it has made it onto the ready to wear scene, and big fashionistas like kate moss and Alexa Chung have been spotted wearing it. I don't usually like to play into trends that much, but I just can't seem to get enough of the leopard print. I bought these amazing tights at H&M and now I have my eye on a faux fur leopard print jacket. What do you think??? Is a Jacket to much???

Here are some links featuring leopard print at its finest!! Check them out!!!

Valentino Paris Fall 2007
Alexa Chung
Kate Moss


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome To My Blog!!!!

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday, a blog for fashion, design, sewing and travel (my four passions in life). I thought that this first post of my bike would be a great way to start out my blog. First of all, I love my bike and collecting old bikes, of which I have a great collection that will be revealed to you in time. I actually found this bike on the side of the road, in really rough shape. To most people, it may have looked like a big pile of metal, but to me it was inspiring. In no time at all, the bike doctor had it all fixed up and it was ready to go. The only problem was that the paint was a bit chipped. So, for the first time ever, I took the entire bike apart so that I could paint it. I chose a beautiful pastel yellow - the color of a lemon meringue pie. And Voila, this is the end result.

P.S. It was a perfect day to wear my new leather jacket from MANGO.

Until next time,

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