Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas Treats!!!

I had a wonderful Christmas holiday this year!! Not only did I have great company and delicious food, but I was showered with wonderous Christmas gifts.
My husband Dominic gave me a Pyrrha necklace which is a silver pendant cast from 19th century wax seals. It is a great idea which origninated out of a couples home in Vancouver, Canada. I received the bee which I love for two reasons. First it symbolizes Vita, meaning life and second because it is a bee and I am a bee keeper!! I only have one necklace but I think that wearing two at a time would be great!!
The second necklace from my Christmas collection is from my oh-so stylish sister in law. The necklace features a eggs on one side and birds on the other. It suits my personality to a tee- it seems to be whimisical and makes me feel like I am in a Jane Austen film.
And the bonus is that both of the necklaces look great when worn together or separate!! Thanks for the amazing gifts you two!!!

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