Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Camping We Will Go......

Last weekend Dominic and I, along with my brother Jordon and sister-in-law Lacy, went on an adventure filled camping trip in Northern Saskatchewan. We canoed just over 15 km to get to our camp site which was on the mouth of one of the most pristine lakes in Canada. While the water was crystal clear and had the most amazing color of blue, it was (after a winter in Mexico) - FREEZING!! Nonetheless, we enjoyed the water and the 30 degree weather as there are very few days like that in Saskatchewan.

Although the weekend was not the most fashioned filled, as we were without a shower for the weekend, we did have great food, wine and good company and I thought you might like to see a few pics.

My Camping Mates

Our camp site had this little house cook house which made me feel a lot safer as it was a potential hide-out in case a bear came!!

 I must say that Saskatchewan's 100,000 pristine lakes are wonderous to have your finger tips. But don't tell too many people as it is sort of a secret and we like to keep it that way!!

More Style Shots to Follow,

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  1. AW, aren't you a cute outdoors-y girl :) this post really made me smile, you look so happy and looks like you're enjoying summer to its fullest. And 100,000 lakes?!?! I'd kill for ONE lake here.


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