Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby Its Cold Outside!!!

My number one goal of our Portland/Vancouver trip was to hunt down and purchase the perfect winter coat. Since Dominic and I are moving east in January to the rainiest of rainy climates, I wanted a warm and cozy yet stylish wool coat. 

While my search in Portland was unsuccessful (although I did see some amazing coats they were all wayyyy out of my price range), I was a bit more hopeful for Vancouver. Since I know the city well and have my favorite shopping destinations, I had a hunch were I would find my perfect coat. With a few stops on the way, I headed to Main Street and of course to Eugene Choo!! 

Upon my arrival, I was delighted to see an additional outside space full of winter coats. My day couldn't have got any better. My search was quickly narrowed down to three amazing coats, two of which were A.P.C and one which was Filippa K. Basically it was French vs. Swedish. 

A.P.C Duffle Coat

A.P.C. / Duffle Coat

                        A.P.C Wool Overcoat
Filippa K Wool Coat

I ended up going with the classic Swedish Design Fillipa K. It has a sort of nautical feeling and reminds me of cold and rainy east coast of Canada. But now when I am cold, at least I will look good. Stay tuned to see pics of the new coat. Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures up in a few days!!




  1. Great find, the coat look lovely, cant wait for the outfit pictures

  2. I vote for the black double breasted wool coat, so classic!


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  3. I think you made a great choice! You can really dress it up, but it still is perfect for being casual as well, and I'm sure it will keep you super warm!

    Chic on the Cheap

    ps. I gave you an award!

  4. I can see how it was a tricky decision to make. I really like the toggle closures on the first coat, and the one you selected is gorgeous. Like you said, it has a nautical feel. I like the over-sized shiny buttons and the classic color. Can't go wrong. In fact, this is so very, very right!

  5. i would have gone with that one too. each winter i get obsessed with buying coats and jackets, but i feel they transform outfits when you have a good selection. ahh i miss winter.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  6. Love the first coat! Looks great!

    From Munich with love

    Angie Aquarius ->

  7. Hi!!
    Thanks for your comment!!!
    Lovely blog! I follow you!!




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