Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Return of The Long John

Living anywhere in Canada, but especially in Saskatchewan, it is extremely important to incorporate warmth into your fall/winter/spring wardrobes. I have finally decided that I have seen way too many girls wearing tank tops, mini skirts, and pumps, shivering in the blistering cold to not write a small piece about dressing for the weather. And since I am constantly searching for beautiful accessories to keep me warm, I thought I would like to post a short series of my favorite ways to keep warm while looking good at the same time.  Because you shouldn't have to sacrifice your warmth for style.

I wanted to start with these super cool long underwear. Designed by Sara Torrie, a Canadian designer based out of Toronto, who, in search of her own long underwear, began crafting long underwear from recycled cashmere and merino wool sweaters.  The result of her endeavors are a versatile line of colorful, warm, comfortable and stylish long johns which can be worn underneath your clothes or layered under a mini skirt!! The line is currently being sold at Satoria on Etsy so if your interested in buying some be sure to check it out. For more info the line, check out the article in the Georgia Straight.

superhero fine wool longjohns



  1. Awe thanks, as a fellow Canadian I really appreciate this. Especially because I am leaving Australia and heading back to Canada in December, I will need me some long johns!
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  2. i cant wait to pull my long johns out and start wearing them again

    stop by sometime<3

  3. i really like this post, its so cute!! you have a lovely blog <3


  4. Hi there! Thanks very much for your comment!
    Of course I accept international entries in my chanel giveaway!

    All you have to do is to follow me via Google friend!

    The Pansy Violet Girl


  5. Hi my doll! I realllly love your stuff!! Following you now!(:

    Make sure to follow me back babe!(:

  6. heya
    its fun to find this
    many thanks ++ and yes yes to dressing for the weather!
    ciao, sara


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