Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's All A Blur........

It seems that there is a saying for everything in Newfoundland. When somebody is not from the island, or leave leave the island, they say that they are from 'away' or they are coming from 'away'. Since Dominic is still 'away' in Newfoundland and I have had numerous failed attempts at taking my blog photos with my tripod, I have been recruiting others to take photos for me. This week, I was able to recruit my mom to take the photos and although many of them were a little blurry, I am super grateful for her help. Plus, it is always nice to get some fresh advice on where to take photos. We found this little ultra Saskatchewan motel/bar in a nearby town. Luckily the bar was closed or true to rural Saskatchewan I would have had a large audience!!

I picked up this Lee Jean Jacket for $5 the other day. And although I already had a jean jacket, I just couldn't leave it behind. It seems that I am slowly and maybe rather quickly, accumulating a collection of vintage finds that I don't need but are just too cool to leave behind. As such, I have been thinking about starting an etsy shop with all of my great vintage finds - clothing and other great vintage goodies of course. I am however a wee bit hesitant as it seems as though a lot of the bloggers that have started stores have now closed them. What are thoughts - do you have an etsy store or would you like to have one?? 

Jean Jacket: Lee
Shirt: Joe Fresh
Belt: Vintage
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Repetto

P.S - This is the last week for the Eeebee and Jack Give-Away Below!! Make sure to enter!!!



  1. great - this outfit is so cool :)
    love it ;))


  2. Love the black skirt and the pink shoe combo!


  3. you got such a lovely skirt!


  4. Always fall in love with denim!

  5. LOL totally know what you mean about the Newfie sayings - I remember hearing the "away" one lots when I'm in a maritimes:) Love that you're rocking Joe Fresh! Great photos - the location is fabulous!


  6. Glad you decided to get the jacket. It's incredible, really nice shape. As far as your question goes... I have and etsy vintage shop that I started a few years ago... for me it's a way of sharing the amazing vintage pieces that I find along the way {that are not in my size of course}. It's a really fun hobby, but I would never do it full-time as its really unreliable xo

  7. Your skirt is gorgeous and I love a great denim jacket and yours is fabulous! thank you for your sweet comment! Kiah

  8. Aw thanks so much for your congratulations :D I put so much effort into that competition so I'm so glad that I won yayay!! lovely outfit btw :) x

  9. I adore that Topshop skirt! x


  10. Great jacket dear!


  11. Love your outfit and the blue backdrop! Fab!!!


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