Monday, June 27, 2011

Pretty Pretty Peonies

I had such a lovely weekend with my sister and her family in Regina. And as such, I recruited my sister to be my blogger assistant for the weekend!!! So, not only did I convince her to take my weekly photos but she also did my make-up!! Although she has a professional day job, she secretly loves  everything about make-up! And if you ask me, I think that she did a splendid job with me!! Welcome to her photo/make-up  debut!! 

It is currently the season for peonies in Saskatchewan. And since my sister has the most amazing peonies in her front yard, I couldn't miss the opportunity to take some photos of them!! I think a bouquet of pink peonies would be so lovely for a wedding. I wanted these for my wedding, but sadly they were out of season when we got married. But, I will definitely have these for my second wedding (Dominic and I had so much fun at our first wedding that we have decided that we will get married every ten years. Why not right?)!

Shirt: Mexx (my sister's)
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Repetto 

P.S - We also took some pics of my sister and since I absolutely love the 70's vibe of shot,  I  thought I would share it with you!!



  1. You and your sister are both so adorable! Peonies are my favorite flower;)
    Many Layers Monday

  2. I love your outfit, and your hair!!!!


  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I found that orange blazer at the Salvation Army for 2 dollars! Could you believe it?

    Both of you look so beautiful, I love your hair!

  4. Step aside Dom-o, there is a new photographer in town! Ha Ha Ha


  5. you work very well with the pants! <3
    Lovely outfit :)you work very well with the pants! <3
    Lovely outfit :)

  6. These pictures are so gorgeous! You both look beautiful.


  7. I love your pretty peonies and cute slouchy look!

    Chic on the Cheap


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