Monday, August 15, 2011

Mountain Casual....

We are finally back from our little adventure out West. And although we had a wonderful time visiting our family and friends, I didn't end up taking that many photos!! I did have good intentions of taking as many outfit photos as I could, but somehow the time just slipped away as we were having such a good time!! Does that ever happen to you??? Anyways, I did manage to take a few outfit shots, so I will post what I have!!! 

These photos were taken in the Rocky Mountains somewhere in between B.C and Alberta! And although this is not the most glamorous of outfits, it was super comfortable for the 12 hour drive. I do like to be comfortable, as do most people, and I think that your style should never be compromised in the name of comfort!!! As such, I chose to wear jeans because they are super functional for getting in and out of the car. And to give the look a bit of an edge I wore pink jeans!!! I also wore a cardigan because when you are driving with other people in the car (there were six of us), there is always somebody too hot or too cold. So a cardigan allows you to adjust your heat by taking it off or putting it on!!! And finally Birkenstocks because they are obviously the most comfortable sandal out there and they can easily slip off in the car to get the perfect driving/sleeping position!!  What do you wear when travelling??



  1. This is a lovely outfit...I love the pink jeans. I agree with you on comfort over style and I think the best outfits are when there's a perfect equilibrium between the two!

  2. I love the magenta denims! Great shots. Have a wonderful day!

    XO Hilary Nicole


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