Thursday, January 05, 2012

Reads Clothing Project

There is a new store in Saskatoon called Luna and Hill!! Since the store is focussed on selling socially and environmentally conscious clothing, it is right up Dominic's alley (only because I think he is the biggest and best environmentalist I know)!! Anyways, we found this cool line from LA there, called Reads Clothing Project which gives a book to a kid in need every time an item of clothing is sold. Not only does this whole trend of   the consumer participating in giving to those in need, like TOMS shoes, make the consumer feel good but it actually helps a kid in need. So, I have to say that this is one trend I am going to buy into!



  1. This is an amazing thing when fashion gives back for those in need. It makes it even more meaningful to wear it!
    Good luck!


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