Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding Rings...

I am not really into diamonds since many of them cause blood shed to obtain them and the mining practices are harmful for the environment. Wouldn't this be a pretty wedding band sans diamonds? Do you have a diamond wedding ring or do you want one? I would love to hear what your thoughts on diamonds are?  

Rose Gold and Ruby Wedding Band stacking ring, Made to order



  1. my wedding band is as plain as they get. 18kt palladium white gold, and was made by me. my engagement ring is also the same metal, but has a 2.75ct brilliant cut mandarin garnet in the center, flanked by two .25ct diamonds. it was handmade by my jewelry master and is really really special. i'm not big on diamonds either, but go crazy over rare, bright colored gemstones. needless to say, my mandarin garnet is my baby :) i love the organic and not showy (sp?!) look of the ring above. there is so much beauty in simplicity.

  2. I'd love my boyfriend give me a diamond ring to ask me to marry him... But you're right, since I saw Blood Diamond I'm not sure about them... Maybe something similar that looked like a diamond.


  3. I hate to say it but both the gold in that ring and the rubies embedded came from mines that are likely equally or even more detrimental to the environment than diamonds! Had a movie been made called "Blood Gold", people would be promoting silver. I gave my fiancee the most beautiful diamond I could find mined here in Canada at one of the most sustainable diamond mines in the world "Ekati" and I love it and I hope she does too!

  4. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments! My goal in posting about this controversial topic was to hopefully create some intellectual discussion centering around the fashion industry. I appreciate your efforts in responding!


  5. I'm not found of diamond for wedding rings. I love rings the most simple way, only wedding rings with etching are my passion.
    love the post, it totally got me in time. looking for wedding rings now

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  6. WOW, that is such a beautiful ring...I would love to purchase the ring for a special someone...;) Do you have any links to the website or to where you came across this gem!?!

    Luckily, now in Canada there is much exploration in terms of diamonds making the term "blood diamond" to be hopefully a dying use of words. The extreme Northern climate definitely makes extraction difficult due to access and also the simple development of infrastructure. Recently there have been diamonds found just outside of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Although there is supposedly not enough evidence of a quantity large enough to begin extracting from this area, hopefully in the future this can steer our reliance on African mines to a more sustainable source.

  7. That is an absolutely beautiful ring, I love it! There's a new post up on my blog, so feel free to stop by!
    xoxo, Veena

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  9. Diamond wedding rings are a rarity nowadays like the years before. It's no wonder why people would fight to have just one. Nevertheless, it's still the best wedding ring regardless of time.


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