Friday, February 03, 2012

Ombre Hair Trend

A few years ago, I went into the salon to die my hair a bright red color. In order to do this, my stylist explained that I had to bleach my hair first so that the red would be the bright color we wanted it to be. As she proceeded to bleach my hair my scalp started to burn and it felt really uncomfortable. When I asked if this was normal, my stylist assured me that it was absolutely normal and everything would be ok. Despite me scalp still hurting when I walked out of the salon, my color did look fantastic.

It did however, take a few days for my scalp to get back to normal and I vowed that I would never die my hair lighter again. The experience also made me realize that if the harsh chemicals used to dye my hair were able to burn my scalp, than they are probably not that good for the rest of my body either and as a result I quit dyeing my hair. Now I have a urge to lighten up my hair and I am thinking that I may try out the ombre hair trend as the blondish color won't touch my scalp. Do you dye your hair? Why or why not? Do you have any hair horror stories? I would love to hear them?

Olivia Wilde

Alexa Chung

Drew Barrymore

What do you think about the trend? Do you like it or do you think it has had its time?



  1. mm I just love ombre hair, though I have never had it!
    Well, as for me, I go to my hairdresser and get light blond highlights, as I don't like my natural hair color which some call dirty blond, which basically is really, really light brown!

  2. I still love it!

  3. The last time i color my hair was 2 years ago. I grew out my highlights and ended up with unintended ombre hair. I cut my hair in a medium bob and now i just have my naturall hair color which is brown but in the sun i get those crazy highlights. I get lots of complements and i love my hair color. Now that is february I'm thinking of doing ombre hair like Olivia Wilde. It would look awesome for spring and summer. I'm undecided.


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