Friday, February 17, 2012

Vegetarian Quinoa Patties

If your like us, you always make too much food and are stuck eating the left overs for a few days after. Since we don't like to waste food, we try to come up with other ways of using the let overs to make it taste different. A few days ago, Dominic and I made the most delicious meal with quinoa (which is also supposed to be a super food). And since the recipe called for 2 cups of quinoa, which was supposed to serve 4 people, that is what I made. However, when the dish was finished it was more suitable to serve about 14 people. So, we made these quinoa patties with our left over quinoa. And I must say they were a delightful vegetarian treat! Although Dominic made up the recipe for the ones we made, I found a similar recipe here that you can try out!

What are your plans for the weekend? We are heading out to a dinner party with some friends!


  1. The food looks great. I hope you have fun at the dinner party! I am just going to relax and take it easy this weekend.

  2. the food looks just super yummy..


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