Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All Saints in Seattle

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. Dominic and I definitely had a great time as my parents-in-law came out to the coast for a visit. While they were here we took a high speed ferry over to Seattle, Washington. And although we didn't see the Easter Bunny, I must say that Seattle is one of the most diverse and refreshing cities I have ever been to. We ate some delicious meals, in some pretty cool restaurants/bars, while listening to some grunge music, in some pretty rad areas. 

Oh yeah, the shopping was also fantastic!! I was even introduced to a few new stores, such as All Saints. Although I have previously seen All Saints on-line, it was the first time that I have  actually ever been in an All Saints store and I fell in love with almost everything, especially the outer wear. The leather jackets were amazing as were the desert parkas. Although I didn't end up buying either, as they were both fairly hefty purchases, I can't get them off my mind, so I thought I would share them with you. I am deciding between these two leather jackets (the strabler or the walker). If I had tons of money...I would just buy them both.....Which one do you prefer?



  1. Man,I know spring is here now, but I've been wanting a cool leather jacket. I have red hair and I thin it would just look pretty badass :) I've seen some jackets that have the fake leather (pleather?) that seems like it would be lighter. Anyway, love leather jackets & I love your blog! - Megan

  2. sounds like such a nice weekend! i love cities with laid back vibes and have never been to Seattle before. it sounds right up my alley. love those jackets - especially the brown.


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