Thursday, April 26, 2012

Garden Inspiration

We are almost finished renovating our little Swedish Cottage in Saskatchewan. I am absolutely thrilled with how the renovations turned out as the house has successfully been transformed into a Swedish Cottage in the heart of Saskatchewan. But now that the house looks so good from the inside and out, it has made our backyard look a bit barren. And even though we have done a bit of work outside, I think the backyard could use a full make-over.

Since our house is pretty tiny, we use our backyard as an extension of our house, almost like another room. As such, I think it is important the backyard theme flows with that of the inside. As you all know, our house is decorated in a white on white Swedish cottage theme, so I would like to keep that cottage feel in the backyard as well. I love the serene cottage vibe that these gardens invoke and I would love to have my backyard garden look like this one day! Do you like to spend time in your backyard? 
Den älskade ängen – alla vill ha den få lyckas. Här har den blivit perfekt.
Som ett eget litet blått paradis, kolonistugan Eden.


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  1. That first picture! Would love to be there right now...


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