Monday, September 27, 2010

A Vintage Vibe......

I have been feeling so uninspired by my wardrobe lately as you can probably tell by the lack of posts!! My closet is full of wonderful summer clothes as I completely skipped last winter since we were in my beloved Mexico. Now that fall is staring me right in the face and the warmth of summer is but a memory, I am faced with the fact that I must replenish my winter wardrobe. And while I know that I could go out and buy a few more, I am reluctantly doing so as I do not want my endless summer to end.

Luckily, the last few days have been warm enough to throw on some of the summer clothes that I have not had a chance to wear yet. I bought this cute dress in a nearby thrift store for one dollar. It is not very often you find something that fits you perfectly but this one does and I love it. I love the silhouette of the dress and of course the cut out bow on the back of the dress which have been very popular this season.

Dress: Vintage
Belt: American Apparel
Boots: Diesel
Tricycle: Was in our basement when we bought our house



  1. Nice shoot, it still looks like summer. I can really notice a difference with your new camera. I think the belt would look great with a sweater dress as well.


  2. dress for one dollar?! omgoodness!! love it!!!

    come check out my giveaway, coach poppy charm! thanks!

  3. lovely pictures.

  4. Love this outfit! This dress is so pretty!

  5. Great look! Like your dress!)

  6. Your hair is adorable! and that bike! You are too creative, my dear :)

  7. ahahah love the tricicle!

    thanks for stopping at my blog I'm following yours


  8. Cute x100! I love this simple look!


  9. heyyy...tnx x comenting on my blog...
    u r so gorgeous...i absolutelly love your style...
    how about folowing echother???what do u say??:)))


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