Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Little White Dress

No, I am not referring to THE little white dress all of us girls look forward to wearing on our wedding day. The little white dress that I am referring to is much more flexible but still gives you that special tingle and makes you feel ultra special!!

The Spring Summer runways were covered with the little white dress which has replaced the little black dress, at least for this season. Although it is not black, the little white dress should give the same effect as the little black dress - classic, sexy and is perfect for any occasion.

I think it can be worn in a variety of different ways and for a variety of different occasions. It would look great with a summer tan during the day and on into the night.  For this outfit I stuck with the simple black and white, which I think has sort of a classic feel. I am excited however to spice up the look with a hint of color by adding a scarf or some brightly colored shoes.

And a final curtsey!! 

Dress: Joe
Blazer: Zara
Sandals: Claudio Roccio 
Bag: Winners

Ciao Bellas,

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  1. i love these pictures! they're so creative and i love the perspective.

    thanks for visiting my blog again! :)

    g'bless ya!
    erin :)


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