Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prairie Wife and Zebra Stripes

When I put this dress on, I felt like a prairie wife who had to settle the land, milk the cows and bake the bread.  Although I do bake my own bread, I am not so sure about the milking the cow part. I must say that I feel a bit out of my comfort zone in this vintage dress. 

Dress: Vintage
Zebra Scarf: Vintage
Slouch Socks: Bought in Peru
Boots: Frye

Although I did put a lot of love and care into this dress, I have to say that I am not 100% sold on it. I bought it last year, however it was waaayyyyyy too big. Seeing some potential in the capped princess sleeves and the amazing wooden buttons, I altered the dress from a size 14 to a size 6. Now that it fits me to a tee, I am not sure that I want it anymore. If anyone out there takes a liking to the dress, let me know and I will send it your way. I guess this will kind of be like my first unofficial give away!!


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