Friday, June 04, 2010

It's A Digital World

After four industrious years of university, Dominic has finally convocated from his first degree and with honors. Although he sailed through the degree with ease, it is an accomplishment that he should be very proud of - not everyone has the opportunity or the access to this world class education that has the power to change your life!!! I am sure that he will have a successful career in whatever he chooses to do!!

Dominic in his Cap and Gown

And real Champagne from Champagne to celebrate!!

Although the convocation ceremony was at 9:00am, I thought of it as a great occasion to wear a nice dress!! I have been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear this dress that I bought a while ago!! I am just glad I found the occasion before the digital trend is over!!
Although the cut of the dress is really simple, the digital abstract print really makes it!!

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. ummm...didn't I buy that dress for you :) S

  2. Well, technically I think I still owe you!!! But a big thanks for the time being!!


  3. The print on the dress is just fabulous!!
    Congrats to Dominic!

  4. Amazing dress, love it!

  5. The print is great
    x fashionnerdic


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