Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Sisters Closet

So first I have to start off by giving props to my brother - in-law - TG - as it is his car that I used for these pictures. Second, I have to say thanks to my sister for letting me borrow her newly purchased, never before worn Frye boots. Almost as soon as slipped them onto me feet, I fell in love. So much so, that I might even have to purchase my very own pair - but in black!!

We had a lovely weekend, seeing as the weather has finally warmed up!! On Sunday we spent the entire day at the lake on the boat soaking up the sun as I think I was in need of some major vitamin D. This is the outfit that I wore to the lake - however I think it was completely over-dressed for a small Saskatchewan lake. But, as I always say, it doesn't matter what people think, you should wear what you like!

Adios Mis Amigas,


  1. Really, love those boots! This location is fantastic!

  2. oh I love this outfit! The whole thing is perfect!

  3. Those boots are ADORABLEE. I want them! How much did your sister get them for?? Your plaid shirt with your skirt is perfect!

  4. I love those frye boot!!! I am trying to sell a pair I have bought them too big on the internet :( :( :( !!! I defiantly need to get my own pair!


  5. cute high-waisted skirt!


  6. Got to love sisters with the same shoe size!! (except when they are borrowing your shoes, of course).

    They are a great fit for the outfit, and it's true, you can never be overdressed when you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I am not sure where and for how much my sister got these for - but I will be sure to find out and report back!!

    P.S - What size are the boots that you are trying to sell??? And for how much??/


  8. The car is an amazing prop for a photoshoot. Very cute skirt also :)

    Christy from Dress Rehearsal

  9. I love Frye! I have the campus boots and can't wait to wear them again in the Fall (it's just too hot to wear them now).

  10. this is such a lovely look !
    your boots and shirt are a match 1

    thanks for the wishes in my previous post :) :)
    they mean alot to me !!

  11. I love this look, the skirt is so cute!

  12. Hi...It's Karen's sister. My husband some how managed to buy these boots for me for my birthday from Amazon.com (even though they do not ship to Canada.) They were $220-ish which is a great deal! My next purchase will be the burnt red carson pull-ups from Frye...so nice!


  13. Such a cute outfit, and I got to say I love the VW in the background. Is there plans for the Ghia? Love to see it if it ever gets done. Anyhoo,great look and it has inspired me to wear my plaids with a skirt :)
    - AlbeeLucky.blogspot.com


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