Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jungle Drum

I am abslutley in LOVE with this song by Amelian Torrinni. She is an indie artist from Iceland but her father is Italy - hence the Italian name.  Be sure to check out the entire alubum - it is amazing!!

Just a side note, if you ever get a chance to visit Iceland, be sure to take up the opportunity. Despite the fact that there are just over 300,000 inhabitants, the country is rich with history, culture and natural wonders such as the Blue Lagoon (which is one of my favorite places in the world)!! Plus they have Icelandic Horses which have a special gait unique to Iceland. Wouldn't it be wonderful to take a horseback riding trip in Iceland!!! And if that's not enough there night life is amazing. I can't wait to go back there - hopefully some day soon!!

Hope your having a wonderful weekend,


  1. i would love to visit day...

  2. Iceland seems like a great place to visit! Plus I like their volcano, it got me an extra week in Italy.

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  3. Iceland is absolutely breathtaking - I went there once and it was amazing!


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