Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dear Creatures

I bought my first ever dear creatures item when we were in Vancouver a few weeks ago. Well, actually Dominic bought me  a  sweater but it is for Christmas and he won't let me wear it until then. So, as I have been anxiously awaiting Christmas day I have been thinking about all of the wonderful places I will go wearing this sweater!! I think I will start by wearing it on Christmas morning - it will be perfect as my opening presents gift, then I will wear it as we make out trek across the country to unknowns of Newfoundland, and once we are there I will wear it on our first cross country skiing adventure. I have come to the conclusion that it will be absolutely perfect for the brisk days of the holiday season!!

The Highland Cardigan
Highland Cardigan - Natural

In the mean time, I have been checking out the other items from Dear Creatures which are also amazing. Vintage inspired, the entire line has sorta of a sixties vibe and I am loving the nautical feel. Plus, it is so great to support an independent clothing line as it seems they are almost becoming extinct!! SO here are a few of my faves from the winter line which I think would be perfect for the holiday season to keep you warm and stylish!!

The Pigeon Sweater Dress
Anna Sweater Blouse
The Avalon Dress


  1. Wow, i love that dress. Its amazing!

  2. I love the second! *-*

    CK from


  3. Love the pigeon sweater dress! Love the nautical feel of the line too!

  4. the Pigeon Sweater Dress is so minimalistic and adorable! :)

  5. what a perfect sweater! they have some great pieces :)


  6. I hate knowing about presents ahead of time when I can't wear them!!
    Ah! Only two more weeks though...

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I love the last dress sooo much ^__^


  8. You can get 30% off with Promo Code : HOLIDAY30 on their online store too! I think it only lasts until the 25th though. I got some really cute stuff there!


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