Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Tunnenbaum..... oh Tunnenbaum.....

Dominic and I are moving to the eastern Canadian province of Newfoundland while Dominic does in MSc at Memorial University. Although I would have love to have flown out there, we decided to drive so that we could bring our most essential items with us. So, after a long drive across the country we have finally arrived in Toronto and although the road conditions were worse than we ever thought they could be, it was so nice to be greeted by the bustling city cheer of Toronto and Dominic's family.

Spending the holidays in Toronto however, meant that we had to miss Christmas on the prairies. My family, being as nice as they are, decided to have a bit of an early Christmas with us before we departed on our trip!! You can look forward to some great posts because I got some great gifts from my family!!! And on a side note, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for spoiling me so much!! 

I thought I would post a few pics of our Christmas tree which I had to take down due to the early move.
I made these stockings for everyone in Dominic's family!! I hope they like them when they receive them tomorrow morning!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

All My Love.


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