Saturday, December 04, 2010

Winter Sparkles

This post should actually be titled, "because you can't wear skirts and I can't wait to move back to the Tropics!" Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately but I haven't been wanting to do a photo shoot because it has been too cold here to take photos outside. I did try to take some inside photos but they turned out horribly due to bad lighting etc. So I have now decided that I would take one for team Ruby Tuesday and bear the -11 weather!! 

While the white snow makes for a pretty backdrop, I thought I would add a few props which I have picked up lately at our local thrift store. I got these two sweet vintage suitcases for $2.50 each. I am not sure when I will ever put them to use but I have a dream of using them as decoration in a clothing store that I might one day own. 

Sunglasses: Rayban
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Madewell
Suitcases: Vintage

Aurevoir Mes Cheris,


  1. Love the vintage suitcase, and the snow definitely does make a fantastic background!

  2. you look ever so cute!!

    check out my blog!? x

  3. a shirt in spite of the snow, you're really courageous =) !!

  4. love how the denim shirt tones down the sequins a bit. beautiful snow pics!

  5. i love that u look so cute yet ur ttly surrounded by a winter wonderland. love it! thx for the comment. follower!

  6. Karen,

    i just stumbled upon your darling of a blog, so happy to find a fellow Canadian! The snow certainly hasn't hit us in Van. yet as much as it has for you but i'm craving a little wintery goodness like in these lovely photos.

    i can't believe the score you got on those vintage suitcases, awesome! you look adorable and love how you've incorporated sunglasses cos that much white stuff can be a super glare. i'm following! ♥

  7. great shots, and I really love your vintage suitcases:))

  8. Loving your look, and that fantastic snowy lovely!

    Liesl :)

  9. this is beautiful!

  10. wow! heart the third shot but the last one is beautiful. loving the jeany-sparkle combo in the white snow:)

  11. What an unusual combo but I totally love it!


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