Thursday, January 27, 2011

Springs Top Trends - Flared Jeans

With a mission to make great jeans that feel fresh and exciting, the newly launched Mother Denim Jeans are definitely going to be a favorite this season. Guaranteed to make your legs look long and your ass look great - you can't go wrong with the classic cut of these jeans!! 

As Springs top trends are inspired by the 70's, there are going to be lot of flared jeans floating around, which I am super excited about. And as such, I have been searching around the net for the perfect pair and I think I may just have found them. With the combination of the light wash, the cut of the flare, and the high waist, these jeans have everything I have been looking for (I love the jeans in the first photo)!! I can't wait to get my hands on a pair!! 

The Drama Forever Blue HR

The Runaway HR

The Wilder HR

Much Love,


  1. hey
    thanks for the comment
    i totally agree with you
    the jeans at the first pic rock
    and so does the ones at the second pic
    your blog is really good
    i am following
    i hope you follow my blog too

  2. Thanks for your nice comment:D

    OH I love these pictures:) They look beautiful:)

    Hope you'll stop by soon again or if you like, follow:D


  3. agree :) all pic are gorgeous.

  4. awesome blog hun! following you :) xox

  5. Thanks for sharing this trend- you've got to wear high wedges and be slim to wear them :P

  6. you are always seeing this trend now! i love it.. but i wont give up my skinnys!!!

    haha great blog love the photos

    ps your header is wicked!!

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my NEWBIE blog Karen :)

    So happy to discover your blog x.x

  8. yeap! looking forward to the 70s flare, and thanks for sharing the photos. inclining more towards the 2nd pic kind:)

  9. i'm ready to give my skinnys a break. love the 70's vibe in the spring/summer looks...but i always have ;)

    amateur couture

  10. those pics look great!

  11. Great post, I love flared jeans - it's perfect for short girls like me :)


  12. Ahh I love all of these images, I have a major obsession with flared pants.

  13. I'm rocking those high waisted flared jeans. They do make you look good. They're the only ones that I get compliments from my bf when I wear them :)
    Love your blog and now following <3


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