Thursday, September 08, 2011

Emerson Made Fall 2011

It is forecast for sunny and hot weather for the next week which, means that it is way to early to begin thinking about winter coats but Emerson made just launched the most amazing collection of coats which I couldn't resist posting!! Plus, as Canadians who are forced to bear the elements for over six months of the year, I feel that it is important to have a wide selection of coats to choose from. As an essential part of your outfit which has to be worn everyday, your coat should match or at least compliment the rest of your outfit! So if you are in the market for a new winter coat, look no further because these Emerson Made coats are to die for!!

I think this coat is absoulte perfection. The shade of olive green which you will never tire of and it has the perfect amount of fur on the collar - just enough to say that I know what cool this season but i dont want to show off. 

I love the 1960's vibe of this velvet daycoat!! Suitable for any occasion!!
Not only does this camel color coat the perfect length to keep you warm on those cool winter days and the pink lining will make you smile every single time you put on!! Love it!!

Which one do you like best??



  1. the camel with the pink lining is simple perfection. it will go with everything and anything!

  2. I love the middle jacket! I may have to order this. Have a great day, Karen!

    XO Hilary

  3. I wish I could win her giveaways because I can't afford to buy that olive coat but I want it SO SO SO SO BAD!

  4. The camel is for sure my favorite, the pink is an adorable added bonus! Wish I could afford it!

  5. I really like the jacket and your blog!
    Check out mine ;)

  6. That velvet jacket reminds me of the one I have, oh it has such a great color!:D


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