Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Hair Trends: The Messy Bun

Seen on the runways of Chanel, Alberto Ferretti, and Narcisco Rodriguez, 'the messy bun' is this fall's version of the up-do. The look, which is simply chic and offers an air of confidence is super fast and easy to do. Pull your hair back into a mid of low pony tail and secure it with an elastic, wrapping it around and fastening it with a bobby pin. The messier the better so you really can't go wrong!!! If my hair was a little bit longer, I would totally  love to wear this messy bun for fall. 

Try With: Green Shadow



  1. Messy buns are my go-to hairstyle for Friday's. It is my lazy fashion day. Have a great day!

    XO Hilary

  2. I love love love messy buns. I've spent the last year growing my hair out so I can start wearing it in updos and I think it is almost long enough now.

  3. Messy hair buns are the best!

  4. i love messy buns! there's just something so stylish yet effortless about it. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  5. Messy bun is chic, stylish, relaxed yet classy. Luv it!

    Liz Lizo


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