Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall's Top Trends - Colored Jeans

If you have been shopping in the past few weeks, I am sure that you noticed one of Fall's brightest trends - colored jeans! When we were in Vancouver this summer, I fell in love with a J-Brand pair of red jeans. I reluctantly left the beautiful red jeans at the Aritzia store because I felt like $210 was a bit pricy for jeans that I will probably get sick of before they wear out. I thought that on the off chance that I might be able to find them cheaper somewhere else.

Fast forward a few weeks to when Dominic and I were in Mexico. Since Dominic was attending a conference, I had an ample amount of time to go shopping. If anyone has ever spent time in a large Mexican city, you will know that the shopping in amazing due to the abundance of stores owned by Spanish clothing giant Indetex.  While I was familiar with Zara, Mango and Berschka, I was delighted to find that they had another store called Pull and Bear. The store, which offers clothes similar to Zara's trf is where I found my red jeans for only $30!!!

I picked up this little gem of a purse in Mexico at a little leather stand. It was handmade in the state of Chiapas and is genuine leather. 

tank top: T. Babaton (from Aritzia)
red jeans: Pull and Bear
clogs: Sanita
purse: hand made from Mexico



  1. We have Pull and Bear here in Ireland and I love it...affordable, fashionable and economic! Win win win :) These red jeans are fab and I love the simple styling.

  2. Beautiful outfit and i really like our header,it looks so sweet!!°

  3. I love the purse, it's gorgeous!

  4. Very cool outfit! I love the red pants girl!!


  5. Those pants look like they were made just for you. Such a good bargain, good thing you held out.



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