Thursday, November 17, 2011

Down the Block...

Our time in St. John's is quickly running out. I am actually having a hard time believing that in less than 3 weeks we will be gone from here forever. Over the short time that we have been here, I have fallen in love with the city, the culture, the amazing scenery on the Island and most of all, we have met some amazing friends which I will be really sad to leave. But I know that they will be our friends for a lifetime and we will definitely see them again. 

As I said before, I had very little space to pack for my trip out here so I am feeling a bit low on my clothing choices, especially necklaces of which I didn't bring any. So although I would have loved to wear a fabulous necklace with this is what it is - plain and classic. 

Sweater: BCBG
Skirt: United Colors of Benetton
Shoes: Dolce Vita

P.S- This post is a glimpse of what our street looks like as each photo was taken at a different spot on our block. 



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  2. Although your outfit is simple, you look very classy and pulled together :)

  3. LOVE these photos, that skirt is divine.

  4. I love how simple and chic this outfit is! And nothing makes me happier than black and white. I'm following you now and looking forward to more posts. Stop by my blog some time and say hi (and follow back if you're interested).

  5. Beautiful classic look, great cut on the skirt. Gosh, seeing your hair makes me want to cut mine!

  6. I do love your tights.

  7. nice outfit!:D your blog is really cool!

  8. Simple but chic and elegant. I love your polka dot tights! Beautiful!

  9. gorgeous outfit!
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  10. I really like your simple, yet chic outfit! (:

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  12. Love the simplicity of this, gorgeous. xx

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