Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Babylonstoren - A Boutique Hotel

As I have mentioned before, we are moving to Victoria in the new year. We already rented a house there so that we arrive we have a place to go. The upstairs of the house has a loft style bedroom which I am super excited about but also a little worried about how I am going to decorate it. As such, I have been looking for loft style design inspiration and I came across this beauty. It is a Babylonstoren, stylish boutique hotel in South Africa which also doubles as a working farm. So guests can enjoying harvesting food from their garden  and cooking it is their stylish abode. I have to say it sounds a lot like our house in Saskatchewan. What do you say, would you spend your vacation at a place like this??



  1. I need to find that hat stand in the first photo, its brilliant!

    The doll on fashion

  2. Gorgeous interiors!

  3. Fun. I love these ideas. I hope the move goes well!

    xo L.

  4. I would love to stay there for a couple of nights.

  5. that place is a small slice of heaven!

    Fan from Finland!
    x H


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