Monday, March 05, 2012

Instgram Roundup

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!! Since I had Saturday off, Dominic and I went for a hike to this beautiful waterfall (picture 15) and we also made a huge amount of home-made ravioli - vegetarian style! We made three different kinds of filling which were butternut squash and walnut, mushroom and herb and spinach and ricotta!! We froze the majority of them so that when we come home from work, we will be able to make a quick, delicious, healthy and home-made meal! 

I know that I promised to post my instagram photos more often, but alas, I have finally got around to posting them. So enjoy the little glimpse of what our life has been like here on the amazing West Coast of Canada!! 

1. Sunset in Saskatchewan aka. Land of the Living Skies 
2. Getting skunked while ice fishing at Big Shell Lake 
3. Norther Saskatchewan at its finest
4. Sparkly Tom's I got for X-mas
5. All decked out in my cold weather gear
6. Finally made it to the West Coast
7. Cherry Blossoms are starting to bloom
8. Fish and Chips west coast style
9. Our first attempt at home-made pasta
10. Hike at Mystic Beach
11. Snow drops are in full bloom
12. Forest creek on our hike up Mt. Finlayson
13. Made it to the top - 1380 feet.
14. Eggs Benny ( a west coast staple)
15. Niagara waterfall which is slightly smaller than the real Niagara but still really pretty



  1. these photos are lovely!! <3 ahh I always enjoy looking at pretty scenes, thanks for sharing!


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