Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Hostess With the Mostess

Although we have been living in our house for over five months, we have finally finished enough of our renovations to have a house warming party. So last weekend we had the big event and I think it turned out to be quite successful.  The fire pit in our backyard lit up the night with warmth and a gentle light while the inside of the house was full of wine, great food, laughter and smiles.

Considering our house is two hours away from any major city in Saskatchewan, we were so happy with the efforts that all of our friends and family made to come out!! It was so great to have everybody there and it meant a lot that they could all make it. There were way more people than we ever expected - but I always say, "the more, the merrier". 

Since the interior decorating of our house was inspired by a Swedish Cottage, we thought that an appropriate food theme would also be Swedish. We had a smorgasbord of gravlax, beet root salad and venicen burgers (and of course mushroom burgers) all cooked up on our new bbq. The food was wonderful and we thank everyone for all of the help you gave us in preparing the food.

The party also coincided with the birthday of Dominic's father and our dear friend Kris with a K. While we normally would have a party to celebrate both birthdays, Kris is currently living in Australia and of course couldn't be here. But we dedicated many shots to him and hope he had a wonderful birthday in Aus!! 

Although these photos were not taken the day of the party, this is what I wore. I thought the lady-like inspiration of this dress was a perfect party hostess outfit. I love the fact that I can look like a home-maker and look like I know how to throw a party, when in reality, my wonderful husband did all of the food and drink preparations. I am ever glad I am a woman wearing this dress in 2010 as compared to a woman wearing the dress in the 1950's, as I am sure she would have done ALL of the preparations for the party while taking care of her four children. Oh the joys that feminism have brought us!!  

Sunglasses: Rayban
Dress: Zara
Belt: Vintage
Tights: ??
Boots: Madewell
Jean Jacket: Gap

You can check out THIS ARTICLE for more ladylike inspired looks!!



  1. pretty pretty dress

  2. Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog =) I'm really loving that dress, especially the collar, so pretty! And it sounds like you had a lovely weekend =)
    I'm following your blog now =D

  3. Such a cute outfit! I adore that booties!

  4. What a great dinner party! I love a good tasty theme!

    I think the dress is quite cute, and your boots on the stump are so delightful in that light!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. thnx for the lovely comment! I love your dress!
    come follow me I will follow back!


  6. you looks beautiful, great boots.
    keep up the good work <3


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  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!:)
    It's such a lovely Blog you have here , I like your style and the pictures above are amazing.
    Follow you now! Follow me back? xx, Alice :*

  9. Oh thank you but... I think it does not work 'cause I can't find you in my follower-list. :( Maybe you want to try it again? xx, Alice :*

  10. great blog! i agree!!! :)
    love the boots!

  11. Love the dress, it looks vintage, so I can't believe it's Zara!!! Adorable collar and those boots!!! I need a pair of boots like that for the fall season! :)

  12. adorable pictures i bet you looked the best at the party! :)

    stop by sometime<3

  13. Love the oufit
    you look fab

    thanks heaps for stopping by means alot

    much love

  14. I love the whole look, but that boots photo is pretty stunning.

  15. Adorable dress, awesome boots, love this outfit :) Great light in these shots too!

  16. This is such a beautiful dress and the lighting is stunning ! Job well done girl, I'm sure your hubby will be bery proud!

  17. Thanks for looking at my blog and following it!!!
    I'm definitely following yours Its really neat!!
    This is a really cool outfit by the way

  18. I love this outfit! So cute, Stunning! :-)
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  19. Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it. These pictures are just gorgeous! I love the collar on your dress, just gorgeous!


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