Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Snood

Ever since I went to Sweden which was about six years ago, I fell in love with the versatility and beauty of scarfs which are such a big part of Sweden's fashion culture. They can be worn in many ways, with many different outfits, adding that perfect touch color and warmth to any outfit. This may be why I am also really enjoying the snood this season. A snood which is a cross between a scarf and a hood also boasts great versatility.  You can wear it draped over your head like a hood or coiled around your neck like a scarf - you decide but either way it will keep you looking chic,fashionable and toasty warm on those cold, long winter days - a must for anybody living in the north. 

If you don't already have one and you are interested in buying one, there are some great ones at ASOS which I have also been eyeing up!!

ASOS Popcorn Handknit Fringe Snood

                           ASOS Popcorn Hand knit Fringe Snood

ASOS Fringe Cable Snood

                                  ASOS Fringe Cable Snood

Lowie Chunky Merino Snood

                                  Low Chunky Merino Snood


  1. ahahha I love em with all my heart! and I did a post too
    check it out

  2. Like the first one!:)

  3. I got a grey one last year, and I just love wearing it as a hood -- it's SO cozy!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I really have to get one of these. Love the last one! :)SarahD


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