Monday, October 04, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walking..... Really????

When I first started this blog, I was positive that I would never, ever, wear a pair of heels. First, I am a little bit clumsy and would hate to fall over and make a complete fool of myself. And second,  I always thought that I was tall enough and didn't need the extra lift. But, this season there were just way to many cute heels that I couldn't resist buying a pair.

While I do love the boots,  I am pretty sure that they do not love me. The first time I wore them, I soon realized that they were not for me. As I am already 5'9, the extra three inches made me tower over everybody and I think I looked like a giant. And since I am not used to wearing heels, my walk definitely exuded inexperience, resulting in a look that just did not seem like me. So, I have decided that 3 inch heels are I can longer be friends........

Booties: Diesel
Chair:  Gift From My Lovely Cousin Jessie

Puss och Kram,


  1. oh congrats on your first pair of heels :D but you know what they say: you have to practice to be able to do something (don't know exactly in english), so my advice is: go walk those booties babe, because they're fabulous and come on: every girl should at least own 1 pair of heels :D


  2. Oh, I have similar experiences.. :D

  3. alway bring flats in your bag....just in case :)

    they are lovely

  4. But I do love these booties! Wow, you are tall!


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  5. just wear 'em when you know you will be on carpet!


  6. You just need to practice! I'm 180 cm myself and i wear heels al the time, you just need to get used to you own height. And be proud of your height, it's so good to be tall!
    And the boots are gorgeous :D

    K. Annet

  7. Awww just remember practice makes perfect! I struggled for weeks when I first started wearing heels to work. Now I can run in them with absolutely no problem. And we're talking five inch heels here. LOL! Good luck!


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