Friday, May 06, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza

As I am sure most of you know, it was Dominic's birthday yesterday. In his family, they have wonderful tradition of really making the birthday person, in this case the birthday boy, feel ultra special. They get gifts, a special meal of anything of their choice, and a party. Since, birthdays have never really been a super big deal in my family, I have really grown a liking to this tradition!! And since, his entire family always makes me feel extra special on my birthday, I try to reciprocate the favour by making Dominic's birthday extra special, which I think it was. 

So, although Dominic had to go to work, I picked him up a few hours early and we hung out and had a picnic at a near by beach called Middle Cove. We have been there before, but yesterday was particularly amazing because it was super warm out (in Newfoundland terms that is about 20 Celsius or 68 Fahrenheit). After our afternoon at the beach, we had a BBQ with some friends including his brother and one of his friends who flew in just for his birthday. After the bbq, I made Dominic his favorite chocolate mocha cake (I am sorry I never took any pictures because it looked and tasted amazing) and then he opened a few presents and of course we headed out on the town for a little dancing!!  I am pretty sure Dominic had a great 28th birthday. How do you celebrate birthdays at your house???

On Sunday, I am heading back to Saskatchewan for the summer, so I hope my entire weekend looks a lot like this .....lots of Dominic, lots of sun and lots of ocean!! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!



  1. Send my birthday wishes to the birthday boy! Beautiful picture of the beach! Birthdays at my house growing up and still to this day consisted of special meal, presents and cake. I am now following! :)

  2. Love the picture.
    Thanks for your comment & following.
    (I was already following you.)

  3. Beautiful beach pics- Sounds like a wonderful birthday : )


  4. Congratulations to Dominique's Birthday)))
    We have a lot of birthday walk and barbecue)

  5. Beautiful!


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