Thursday, May 05, 2011

fake vs. real leather

It is still super cold here in St. John's so we either have to wear a lot of layers or wear a warm jacket. As such, my leather jacket has become my go to jacket. However, I have been feeling a bit uninspired by the style of the coat and I feel like I need an updated version. 

As I normally do, when I decide that I want to buy something new,  I began to research leather jackets online. And to my surprise, my search pulled up a lot of PU leather aka fake leather (leather made from polyurethane or plastic). And although I am a vegetarian, I am not really one for fake leather. 

As long as people (meaning other people) are eating meat, I think that we should use as much of the animal as possible. I am not super keen on the idea of wearing the skin of an animal over my shoulders, however, I am a bit of a naturalist and would therefore prefer to wear something real, something from nature, rather than human-made plastic leather which can't breath and has a very short shelf life. I know there are environment issues to both leather (the tanning process) and PU leather (which needs to be manufactured and cannot bio-degrade), however I think that real leather is the way to go. What are your thoughts on the subject??

I absolutely love the looks of this leather jacket on this fashionista seen on stockholm street style. 

Although the jackets below are all way out of my price range, I love the edgy biker style combined with their class cuts.  

leather jackets


P.S. I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. You mean the world to me!! (I would put a picture of him but he is not really into being featured on the blog and since it is his birthday I thought I better not!!)


  1. muchas gracias por el comentario! a nosotra tambien nos gusta mucho tu blog te seguimos desde ya! ajja nos sigues? un besoo

  2. The motorcycle jackets are classic. If I was to buy real leather, that's what I would go for. I own both leather and PU jackets. I think it's something you have to try on in person, because some PU look and feels like real leather. I do my best in finding animal made clothing at vintage stores, it justifies the environmental issue for me. I'm recycling (:

  3. I love those! Great blog

    XO Hilary Nicole

  4. As the owner of both, I usually prefer real leather. I think the look of my leather jacket vs my non leather jacket favors the real in every way.

    same when it comes to shoes - real is a must!

    bags... i've got a lot more fake than real, because often the real happen to be REALLY heavy and I carry so much stuff as it is that the extra weight is killer.
    I have found an AMAZING leather bag by lucky brand that is both light and leather, and completely absorbed all the coffee i accidentally spilled on it without leaving a single mark.

  5. Lovee the biker leather coats!

  6. I love my leather jacket-couldn't live without it! Love your blog, am a new follower ;)
    xo Cara

  7. Great post! I just found your blog and happy to be a new reader.

    Tanya xx

    November Grey & Secondhand Star

  8. PS - I'm a huge lover of vintage as well. Your blog header is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. :)

  9. Absolutely fab the striped dress with red boots.Very cute post.

  10. Hmm, it was interesting to read your thoughts on real leather. I agree that it is the more natural choice. I tend to be a cheapskate, so I rarely shell out for the real stuff. However, if I'm looking for something that will last, I buy the real thing.

  11. LOVEE all those jackets! i want them all! x

  12. I love leather jackets, it goes with everything!


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