Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Valerie Dumaine

Living in rural Saskatchewan sometimes makes it hard to access well designed clothing. However, there are a few fantastic lines that we have access to such as the self titled, Valerie Dumaine Collection. Based in Montreal, Valerie Dumaine offers chic and sophisticated clothing with clean and elegant lines. Having spent much of the decade in Europe the line has a clear European influence. I am especially enjoying the somewhat nautical feel to her spring/summer collection and I can't wait to try some of the items on. If you live in and around Saskatchewan and you want to support a lovely Canadian Designer, you check out the collection at Stella and Sway Boutique  in Regina. 



  1. These are such great looks!! :) xxxx

  2. wow.

    wow wow.

    ugh your style and life style are amazing, this all seems so exotic to me- i'm from the boring corner of england! love the image in your banner too x

  3. these are gorgeous! thanks for the follow and comment lovely! i love your blog and I'm following you too! xo

  4. Ooo some very nice pieces in the new collection

  5. Wow, such a cute model and really cute clothes!
    Great blog, stop by mine if you have time

  6. Gorgeous!!

  7. Love!


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