Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Now that it is officially Christmas season, I am starting to feel an urge to get my Christmas craft on!! But since we will not home for two more weeks, I will have to wait to put up our tree and decorate our house. In the mean time, I have found some beautiful Christmas crafts that are going on my to-do list! 

I love this modern Christmas wreath made out of living succulents. Not only is it the prettiest wreath I have ever seen but I think it would last well into the new year!! You can check out the Leoffler Randall website for full DIY instructions by Flower Girl NYC!What do you think, do you like the modern twist on the wreath or do you prefer the traditional evergreen wreathes?




  1. Wreaths are so pretty and this was is awesome!

  2. So beautiful... Will you show us the one you make???


  3. Such a pretty wreath. I love Loeffler Randall but didn't realize they had such wonderful interviews and DIYs on their site.

  4. Very pretty!!!


  5. karen! i adore these succulent wreathes. i don't think i have ever seen a christmas decoration i've enjoyed more. thank you for treating my eyes to these delightful creations.
    see you soon :) xo


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