Monday, December 12, 2011

sparkly i-phone covers

If you are still looking for some small but super cool Christmas gifts, you should really check out these sparkly i-phone covers from J-Crew! They are not the  that I posted about a few week ago but they will definitely add a bit of sparkle to any outfit and are perfect for the holiday season!

Glitter iPhone case



  1. I'm fed up with iPhones!!! What about the rest of phones??? I need so beautiful cases for my Samsung too!!!


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    I like your sparkly cover!!!

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  3. j. crew has some really cute iphone covers! i love the solid colors they have too

  4. This post is really nice, I enjoied it so much! Wonderful cover!

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  5. I love j.crew, if only they wouldn't be so darn expensive... LOVE the sparkly cover! It's a perfect little stocking stuffer for a perfect little sparkle-lover!
    Good luck!

  6. I want this for my phone. :)

  7. How cute is this case. I might need one for myself!

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