Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Tannenbaum!

I love everything about Christmas trees. To this day, I am just as excited to wake up and plug in the Christmas lights as I was when I was a little girl. Finding the perfect tree and decorating it as a family has always a big part of my family's Christmas tradition. The smell of pine and the ambiance of the Christmas lights are always an excellent way to start the day!

Almost every year since I was little, my mom would buy my sister and I a Christmas ornament that would some day hang on our own Christmas tree. Now I have an entire tree full of beautiful ornaments that remind of wonderful Christmas moments! This year my sister gave me this cute Eiffel tower as Paris is currently on my list of places to visit next year! What's on your Christmas tree? 

I usually try to prolong the life of our Christmas tree as long as I can. But since our tree is real, it will sadly start to lose all its needles in a few weeks. I think I will take it down after Ukrainian Christmas which is the second week in January. When are you going to take down your tree?



  1. That Eiffel tower ornament is so, so cute! :)
    Well, in my family we usually take down Christmas tree after 6th January, which we in Latvia call the day of stars! :)

  2. The Eiffeltower. Just perfect!

  3. That Eiffel Tower hanger is so cute!!! I wish I had a Chrismas tree to hang so beautiful things...




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