Friday, December 02, 2011

Cottage Clothes

Although I like to pretend I am a big city girl, I must confess that I do enjoy takign a break from the city lights. Last weekend, Dominic and I stayed over night at our friend's cottage in a quaint little town outside of St. John's. They have the most amazing yellow cottage that over looks the ocean and they are the most hospitable people I know. We ate some amazing food including fish tacos and waffles for breaky and we even went for a boat ride on the mean old north Atlantic. I have to say the cold waters scared me a bit and I was glad to be back on dry land again. Anyways, this was my cottage ensemble which I thought suited the occasion perfectly! Do you have a special place you go to get out of the city? And if you do, what do you like to wear??

Plaid Shirt: Roots
Sweater: Dear Creatures
Jeans: Black Orchid
Boots: Hunters
This is their cottage that they like to call, "The Yellow House".
The cottage has the most adorabel matching barn where the fire wood is stored.

The Zodiac we took out on the water!!

Dominic stoking the fire so we could warm up after our Atlantic adventure!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. My parents are coming here for a visit so we are really looking forward to seeing them and showing them around St.John's!!



  1. You look fabulous for a day hanging at the cottage and taking a boat trip. We go to Lake Erie several times during the summer and pretty much live in bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops. Have a great weekend!

  2. that cottage looks so cute! :) the color of it is perfect! :)

    nice outfit! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun adventure. I love your plaid top and red hunter boots!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love this outfit of yours. Perfect for country living! The red hunters + plaid pattern are my favourites :)

  5. I love your red plaid shirt. I am such a sucker for plaid shirts. They just scream holidays to me!

  6. i want those red wellies!! your outfit is so cute

  7. Cute pictures... Love those boots !!

  8. Such a cute cottage!! I agree, the cry is great but its so nice to divert into the country. Love your plaid shirt too girl :)


  9. Love your cozy, cottage outfit and that cottage is so cute! Sounds like a lovely break from the city!

  10. what a cute little cottage and perfect country look! Love those red wellies!

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