Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dace Spring 2010

The Spring 2010 collection from Dace is finally out. Dace is a Canadian Company based from a designer out of Vancouver. They have a lot of great stuff this season which is fully inspired by Paris, France which by the way is my number one destination to travel to.

Here are some things I LOVE from this season:
The Dina Rain Jacket

Dian Jacket

The Joelle Blouse and The Coco Pants
Joelle Blouse

The Lucie Dress
Lucie Dress

Lucky for me I have a store credit with Dace that I have to spend this season!! Which one do you think I should buy??



  1. The Joelle Blouse, no question.

  2. My vote is for the Lucie dress. S

  3. Hey Hey Girls!! Great to hear from you and thanks so much for your comments and opinions!! It is such a hard choice with so many beautiful options!! I am still unsure of what I will choose as I would love them all but I am sure whichever I choose will all be amazing!!


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