Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

I am so happy to be spending Valentines Day with the most amazing man in the world - My Husband!!!  Although I sometimes think that Valentines Day was created as a consumer holiday, I still love the premise of the idea.  It is just a day to let the one you love know how much you love and appreciate them!!

I will leave you with a few pictures from our wedding. It was the wedding of my dreams and I actually don't think that the day could have been any more perfect.  But I am sure everyone says that about their own wedding! However, I must say it was like a fairy tale - we rode up the gothic style 18th century church in a horse and carriage, I walked down the isle with my mother and father to an amazing quartet and an beautiful opera singer. And the dress, oh the dress, I how love thee....It was a Vera Wang from the Princess Collection. There were only a few made to accompany her Princess Fragrance. It was pink silk on the top accompanied with layers and layers and layers ..... and layers of silk tulle.

My friend gave me the most amazing compliment yesterday when she said that, "You and Dominic just as in love, if not more than the day you were married." And I immediately replied, "Of course, if it wasn't so, then I wouldn't be married."

I  still love my wedding dress as much as the day I first saw it. 

Oh... The Kiss.... that every girl dreams of....

I wish you the most joyous and love filled day and may all your dreams come true!!

Happy Valentines Day, 

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