Thursday, August 12, 2010

Annabelle at Etsy

For the past few years I have gotten into a habit of falling in love with a specific chain and pendant and as a result I end up wearing it everyday. I usually become attached to it  and wear it until it breaks or I lose it. Well, this dilemma has recently come upon me as I lost my favorite Pyrrah pendant while I was out for my morning run and I have been missing it so. I have been trying to decide if I should buy another Pyrrah or just buy a different necklace all together. 

Nevertheless, I have been searching the web for a replacement peice and I came up with these lovely pieces at BrideBlu on etsy!! They are Aren't they pretty??

ANABELLE milky turquoise rough cut crystal necklace (gold)
ANABELLE rough cut crystal necklace (gold)

Aurevoir mon Cheries,


  1. i love them both! the clear one is wonderful because it will go with everything-

  2. hi! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment! :) thank you for following my blog, sure i will follow your blog too!

  3. How much are they? Can you send the link?


  4. amazing


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