Monday, August 09, 2010

Mellow Yellow

I first want to apologize for the lack of posting over the past two weeks!! Dominic and I were busy helping our friends sell jewelry at our local Fringe Festival. It was long hours and hot days but it was a much enjoyed break from the farm!! I managed to get some amazing pieces of jewelry for my very first give away which will be coming up very soon - so watch for it!! 

I haven't been sewing that much this summer as I have been busy with finishing up my MA thesis and renovating our house!! However, I managed to get this number in!! I purchased this dress on a vintage shopping tour with my lovely friend Jordan!! I was in love with the print and the beautiful shiny buttons that ran down the entire dress only the dress reminded me of my old school teacher and it was extremely unflattering!! Since the dress came down to my ankles, I decided to cut it off alot shorter to give it a bit of edge!! Then, to make it look slightly less granny, I remodeled the sleeves to make them look more modern. Finally, I think the addition of the belt pulled the entire look together and I am in love with the final result!!!

Dress: Vintage
Belt: Gap
Boots: Frye
Purse: Asos

Bye For Now,


  1. Beautiful pictures and the outfit is gorgeous!

  2. great pictures and outfit; loving your frye boots!
    now following- hope you will too!

  3. great dress and shoes! xx

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog and becoming a follower!
    I like yours to and you have such cute style!
    I love canada such a pretty place as reflected in your posts!

  5. and ur talking about my pics being on vogue...look at these images!!! i love them!! the boots r brilliant and i like the easy breezy look too

  6. you're a bee keeper?! that's pretty darn cool. and you look good doing it, girl

    follow me

  7. Your dress is nice and floral - in the spirit of summer - I adore your boots.

  8. Such a pretty dress! Love how you've styled it and great photos too! New follower! Millie xxx

  9. hey!! thank you so much for stopping by my blog! yours is too cute! i am now a follower too! beautiful pictures. i wish there were fields of flowers near me, but alas i am a city girl!!


  10. Thanks for the blog comment, much appreciated :)
    Love your blog - the photos are so dreamy!

    Now following, looking forward to more posts :)

    Jess x

  11. the bag and the boots!!!!

  12. im facing some issue in following you..blogger gives me an error saying 'request url too large'..will try again later..

  13. This is amazing, so beautiful!
    I'm following you on bloglovin...I'll be back! :)


  14. WOW Karen is this a mustard field you are in. Whatever it may be, your photos are super gorgeous. :)

    Love from Toronto Canada.

  15. Beautiful blog!
    Nicee : )

    /Fashion Bowie

  16. lovely pics :)
    Ur outfit is beautiful :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't even tell you how excited I am that you are from Saskatoon!! I love that city and I'm a prairie girl too. These shots are incredible and I'm totally loving the prairie scenery. You have such great style. Your floral dress paired with those boots is perfection. Following you on bloglovin' now. Have a lovely weekend! xx


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