Saturday, August 07, 2010

Swedish Has Beens

I have been eyeing up both clogs and peep toe sandals all summer and I have yet to buy some!!! But seeing as they are going to make such a nice transition into fall/winter, I feel like I am ready to make the big purchase!!! And although I think the Swedish has beens are the ones for me, it seems I am unable to decide which color and which style I want. If I money was no issue for me, I would buy them all but that is just not the case so I am doomed to make a decision!!

I think the peep toe style in both Black and Natural are amazing!! But which color would be better for fall/winter???? I am thinking black but I really love the Natural ones!!!

Peep toe High

The other option I am considering are the covered clogs!!! I love these ones because they are classic and I know I will still love them in years to come!!! Plus, I think they will keep my toes a bit warmer in the harsh Canadian winters!!

Covered High

I thought by dedicating this post to the clogs I would have made my decision, yet it seems that I am no closer than when I started!! What do you think???

Ta Ta For Now,


  1. I like the open toed versions, simply because they feel very contemporary. and nude is very trendy right now, i'd only be worried about snow/slushy winters and not being able to wear them.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I totally agree with you about the snow and slush - I think I am also leaning towards the open toed version!! But I still haven't made a concrete decision!!!



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