Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Bells!!

As many of may know, I tend to spend my winters in the city (many times a different city) and my summers in the county, tending to my bees. While it was my choice to set my life up in this manner, and don't get me wrong - I do love it, there are some downfalls to both ways of living.  When I am in the city, I miss the feeling of the open prairie, and when I am in the country, I miss the hussle and bussle of the city and most all, the diversity of the people and fashion. 

Out here in the country, a fashion statement may exist in the form of wearing your favorite beer branded on a t-shirt or wearing your favorite pair of exercise pants with high heels. But, I have come to the conclusion that it is just part of the culture, and since I love this culture, I have over the years gained an appreciation for prairie fashion, even if I will never participate in it!!

And, this is precisely why I love summer weddings!! This is the one occasion that people wear their best, most stylish clothes in their closet!! My cousin got married a few weeks ago and I must say that everyone looked amazing!!  Instead of featuring yours truly, I thought I would put my stylish sister and two sister-in-laws in the spotlight!! 

I thought she looked wonderful in her sailor inspired dress by Valerie Dumaine!! The beautiful little boy with her is my wonderful nephew Atticus - Sonia's son!!! Isn't cute that they match!?!?

Minna-Riitta also looked stunning her black polk-a-dot dress. So classic and feminine with the beautiful big bow!! The handsome young man with the big blue eyes is my youngest nephew, Otto and Minna's son.
And my other sister-in-law, Lacy Diana with her American Apparel garb also looked amazing!! Although she tends to look good in whatever she wears!! She is just recently engaged to be married to my brother - so I just wanted to say Congrats!! 

Hope you are having a perfect day,


  1. Great pictures! Wonderful dresses! Cute boys!


  2. I am glad you liked the post, it was just for you!!!


  3. cute dress! love the last picture :)


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