Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blue Jean Baby!!

So I finally broke down and bought a blue jean shirt!!! While I was very intrigued by the shirt when it first made it's appearance on the fashion scene, the trend caught on way to quickly and way to intensely. There is nothing I hate more than a trend being played out and by the time I noticed that every second girl was wearing one of them I swore that I would never by one. However, six months down the road, I was still eyeing them out and loving the versatility of the shirt so I finally broke down and bought one!! I must say that I love it so much, I just can't get enough of it!!!

Jean Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Camper
Socks: Joe
Hat: Zara
Bag: Asos

With Love,


  1. great outfit and adorable photos!

  2. Looks like you were busy shopping in Edmonton!


  3. i like the way you wore the shirt tucked into your skirt and your blue socks :)


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  4. Lovely top and skirt! I love how you chose to wear blue socks, it's fantastic :) xx

  5. That is so often how trends go, you can't stand the sight of them, but somehow they wear into your head and you find yourself loving it!

    You've done a fabulous job styling the top, and it will be a great piece to wear into the fall!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I know exactly what you mean about the overdose of trends that sometimes/almost always occurs. The good thing about the denim top is that it's so versatile and you can totally make it your own. Which you do amazingly well may I add!! Wow do you ever know how to put an outfit together!! Great shots. I adore your blue socks! xx

  7. i just discovered your blog and I think your style is beyond adorable :) I will definitely be back!

    xo Lynzy

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    Your blog it's very nice, and your style is so cool!
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  9. I came to visit your blog too :) You have a cute style! :)

  10. hehe... well it look great on u!! love the socks and shoes too... very cute

  11. youre looking great girl!!


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  12. omg me too! I want one! I agree I hate fashion trends that is overrated.

    thanks for checking out my blog!

    I'm following!

    follow me too!

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  14. Love your photos! you look cute!


  15. I adore what you have been putting together, and the beautiful prairie shots. It just looks gorgeous there!


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