Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bang Trim???

One of my daily reads is a Cup Of Joe, which I must say is a fabulous blog!! Anyways, today she has an excellent post on a hair tutorial. While I did enjoy the romantic look of the three little buns, I was more interested in her friend's bangs/fringe. I have been thinking about growing out my bangs for a while now, but I have been putting it off as it is much easier to get a bang trim than to deal with in between bangs!!  I love the look on her and I think it would be a easy way to grow out bangs!!! What do you think???

Hope you are having a fantastic day,


  1. Give it a try, you can always just get your fringe cut if you get fed up, Wish I could pull off a fringe!

  2. Love Joanna's blog! I saw this post today too...I have long hair and will totally try the look (and hope that my little buns don't turn out looking like cinnamon rolls :))

  3. I love that you mentioned bangs, I can totally relate. I have fringe bangs and every other day I hate then love them. Bangs are a lot of work!

    Cute blog :)

  4. Hey there! I'm in the midst of growing mine out and I love it. You just have to part them and sometimes work with them to keep them from falling into your face. If you bangs are thin (unlike mine) this may be really easy to do.

    Happy Friday girl! Woo hoo!!!


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